Taurus Aroa Glass Kettle 1.8L

12.500 KD Ex Tax: 12.500 KD

Boil liquids and make infusions with the Aroa Glass Kettle by Taurus. Thanks to its 2200 W power rat..

Taurus Aromatic Coffee Grinder SS

8.000 KD Ex Tax: 8.000 KD

Enjoy the quality of freshly ground coffee with Aromatic. Your coffee ready to prepare quickly and e..

Taurus BAPI 900 Inox

15.000 KD Ex Tax: 15.000 KD

Get excellent results with the Bapi 900 Rocket hand blender. A hand blender with 900W power and dual..

Taurus BAPI 900 Plus Inox

18.500 KD Ex Tax: 18.500 KD

Endless variety of textures for all foods High blending power with double effect blades: blend and c..

Taurus BAPI 900 Premium Plus Inox

21.000 KD Ex Tax: 21.000 KD

Efficacy and high technology in your kitchen with the hand blender Bapi 900 Premium Plus Inox. Get t..

Taurus Fashion Infrared Hairdryer

13.000 KD Ex Tax: 13.000 KD

Taurus brings you the Infrared Hairdryer. A powerful AC motor in a compact futuristic black and red ..

Taurus Fashion Ultraviolet Hair Dryer

12.000 KD Ex Tax: 12.000 KD

Hair nourished and strengthened with the Fashion Ultraviolet professional hair dryer. Its ultraviole..

Taurus Grill & Toast

14.000 KD Ex Tax: 14.000 KD

Healthy and elaborate cuisine with this 2 in 1 from Taurus. With Grill & Toast prepare meat, veg..

Taurus Juicer TC-8

7.500 KD Ex Tax: 7.500 KD

TC-8 is a juicer with a 1 liter juice tank. Very practical, especially for large families or pe..

Taurus Kettle Selene Stainless Steel

14.600 KD Ex Tax: 14.600 KD

Prepare your tea and favorite infusions with the Selene kettle. It can also be used in cooking, than..

Taurus Liquafruits Pro Juicer Extractor

28.500 KD Ex Tax: 28.500 KD

Centrifugal blender with an extra large mouth for all your fruits and vegetables that allows you to ..

Taurus Miami Premium 3-in-1

13.000 KD Ex Tax: 13.000 KD

3-in-1. Swap the non-stick plates on this sandwich maker to cook three different types of products. ..

Taurus MiniMoka Automatic Coffee Maker

145.000 KD Ex Tax: 145.000 KD

This innovative and practical coffee maker has a modern and elegant stainless steel finish that will..

Taurus Ontime Pressure Cooker (4L/6L/8L)

17.000 KD Ex Tax: 17.000 KD

Pressure cooker for instant, nutrient-packed cooking.Specifications4/6/8 liter capacityPressure cont..

Taurus Optima Magnum 6

18.500 KD Ex Tax: 18.500 KD

Prepare your recipes with the Optima Magnum 6 blender and choose the texture you want to achieve tha..

Taurus Phoenix Grill Sandwich Maker

8.500 KD Ex Tax: 8.500 KD

Taurus brings you a true classic in the Phoenix grill. Non-stick coated plates with a cool touch bod..

Taurus Planet Legend Toaster

12.000 KD Ex Tax: 12.000 KD

A Modern Toaster that will perfectly prepare your toast. Enjoy your Perfect Sandwich with the Planet..

Taurus Professional 1L Slim Deep Fryer

15.000 KD Ex Tax: 15.000 KD

Professional 1 Slim, with 1 liter capacity, is the perfect fryer for frying small quantities. Its co..

Taurus Slimlook Keratine Pro - Hair straightener

12.500 KD Ex Tax: 12.500 KD

Get professional results thanks to its ceramic, tourmaline and keratin plates. Your hair is frizz-fr..

Taurus Vital Grill and Frying Pan Set

28.000 KD Ex Tax: 28.000 KD

Set of 3, includes 2 frying pans and a vital grill. With high quality state-of-the-art non-stic..

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