Jura A1

290.000 KD Ex Tax: 290.000 KD

JURA A1 PIANO BLACKSharp, clear, reduced forms, elegance, compact design and the clear focus on a un..

Jura E8

550.000 KD Ex Tax: 550.000 KD

JURA E8 PIANO BLACKThe perfect combination of pleasure, versatility and luxury. The Professional Aro..

Jura ENA 8

410.000 KD Ex Tax: 410.000 KD

JURA ENA 8 SERIESThe ENA 8 Signature Line is encased in the world’s first coffee machine housing mad..

Jura S8

760.000 KD Ex Tax: 760.000 KD

JURA S8 CHROMEWith its clear cut, sculptural design, the stylish S line exudes quality and precision..

Jura Giga X3

1,750.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,750.000 KD

JURA GIGA X3The GIGA X3 allows JURA to impressively demonstrate Swiss innovation and professionalism..

Jura Giga X8

2,500.000 KD Ex Tax: 2,500.000 KD

JURA GIGA X8 BLACKThe GIGA X8 allows JURA to demonstrate Swiss innovation and professionalism down t..

Jura WE8

650.000 KD Ex Tax: 650.000 KD

JURA WE8 CHROMEAnyone who appreciates the finer things in life, a wide choice of speciality coffees ..

Jura X8

1,000.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,000.000 KD

JURA X8 PLATINUMThe X8 is incredibly versatile: it can prepare the full range of speciality coffees ..

Jura Cool Control 1L

98.000 KD Ex Tax: 98.000 KD

JURA COOL CONTROL 1L G2With the Cool Control you can create fresh, fine-textured milk foam for excit..

Jura Cool Control 2.5L

180.000 KD Ex Tax: 180.000 KD

JURA COOL CONTROL 2.5LThe 2.5 l holding capacity of the stainless steel milk container enables a sig..

Jura Cup Warmer

83.000 KD Ex Tax: 83.000 KD

JURA CUP WARMER In pre-warmed cups the mouthwatering aroma is released in its entirety. With th..

Jura Cup Warmer S

45.000 KD Ex Tax: 45.000 KD

JURA CUP WARMER SBaristas always recommend prewarming porcelain cups. That’s because a cold cup can ..

Jura Milk Container

25.000 KD Ex Tax: 25.000 KD

JURA MILK CONTAINER 0.6LThe elegantly shaped, stainless steel vacuum milk container is a practical a..

Jura Milk Frother Hot & Cold

36.000 KD Ex Tax: 36.000 KD

JURA MILK FROTHER HOT & COLDAiry, creamy milk foam gives trend specialties the freshness an..

Jura Smart Connect

20.000 KD Ex Tax: 20.000 KD

JURA SMART CONNECTControlling your automatic coffee machine via your smartphone or tablet is now eas..

Jura CLARIS Blue Filter

7.000 KD Ex Tax: 7.000 KD

JURA CLARIS BLUE SINGLE WATER FILTER FOR JURA A1Coffee contains 98% water. The better the quality of..

Jura CLARIS Pro Smart

10.000 KD Ex Tax: 10.000 KD

JURA CLARIS PRO SMART SINGLE WATER FILTER FOR WE8, X8, GIGA X3Coffee is 98% water. So water of the h..

Jura CLARIS Smart

9.000 KD Ex Tax: 9.000 KD

JURA CLARIS SMART SINGLE WATER FILTER FOR ENA8, E8, S8Coffee is 98% water. So water of the highest q..

Jura Cleaning Tablets

5.000 KD Ex Tax: 5.000 KD

JURA 2-PHASE CLEANINGMaintenance of the automatic coffee machines and hygiene when working with milk..

Jura Descaling Tablets
Out of stock

Jura Descaling Tablets

8.000 KD Ex Tax: 8.000 KD

JURA 2-PHASE DESCALINGTo extend the service life of its coffee machines, JURA has developed a 2-phas..

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