Anfim Milano Grinder Best On Demand EL

211.000 KD Ex Tax: 211.000 KD

RECOMMENDED : ANFIM MILANO BEST ON DEMAND ELDesigned for smaller coffee bars and domestic ..

Anfim Milano Grinder SP II Special Performance

843.000 KD Ex Tax: 843.000 KD

RECOMMENDED : ANFIM MILANO SPII SPECIAL PERFORMANCEBuilt for high volume coffee shops, the..

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini-Slim +

13.250 KD Ex Tax: 13.250 KD

The Mini Slim Plus is a compact ceramic burr hand grinder. It's the perfect size for travel, for cam..

Hario Coffee Mill OCTO

16.750 KD Ex Tax: 16.750 KD

The ceramic burrs of this mill won’t damage your coffee beans with heat caused by friction as you gr..

Hario Coffee Mill PRISM

24.000 KD Ex Tax: 24.000 KD

Upgrade your travel coffee gear with the durable and reliable Hario PRISM Aluminum Coffee Grind..

Hario Coffee Mill Smart G

17.750 KD Ex Tax: 17.750 KD

A compact, portable coffee mill. This coffee mill has a clear body, allowing you to see the bea..

Mahlkonig Grinder K30 Twin

1,375.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,375.000 KD

RECOMMENDED : MAHLKONIG GRINDER K30 TWINThe K30 Twin is the perfect solution for offering ..

Mahlkonig Grinder K30 Twin 2.0

1,557.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,557.000 KD

RECOMMENDED : MAHLKONIG GRINDER K30 TWIN 2.0A serious piece of equipment for the cafe. Tak..

Timemore Chestnut C2 Timemore Chestnut C2

Timemore Chestnut C2

24.000 KD Ex Tax: 24.000 KD

The stainless steel grinding core is precision CNC cutting and shaping, the sharp blade can quickly ..

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