Water Boilers

Drip Tray

79.000 KD Ex Tax: 79.000 KD

Energy Efficient boiler with vacuum insulation. Multi-temp on selected models. Built-in water filtra..

EcoSmart UC4

374.000 KD Ex Tax: 374.000 KD

• 4, 10, or 45 litre options• LCD screen for precise temperature control• Portion dispense option ..

Font Uber

331.000 KD Ex Tax: 331.000 KD

Dual dispense font with built in drip tray. Two in tile buttons can be fed by two boilers of separat..

Font Tabular

166.000 KD Ex Tax: 166.000 KD

Single dispense tubular font. Compatible with all Marco undercounter water boilers (sold separately)..

Mix 3 Button Font

Mix 3 Button Font

346.000 KD Ex Tax: 346.000 KD

The sleek, stylish 3 button MIX font dispenses water at three different volumes and three different..


268.000 KD Ex Tax: 268.000 KD

• 8 liters• Vacuum insulated tank for up to 70% more energy-efficiency• Auto fill/plumbed• Removable..



481.000 KD Ex Tax: 481.000 KD

• 3 or 8 litre options• Vacuum insulated tank for up to 70% moreenergy-efficiency• Auto fill/plumbed..

Uber Boiler

1,844.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,844.000 KD

• Built in water drain, scales and timer• 0.1˚ water accuracy with patented APLogic ™ software• Vari..

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