Coffee tools & accessories

P7 ESPRO Press for Coffee Polished S/S

39.000 KD Ex Tax: 39.000 KD

Holding The Mountain TopThe P7 is the king of all French presses, and the culmination of our effort..

Small Brush (StainlessSteal )

1.500 KD Ex Tax: 1.500 KD

Brush 'Smart', handy for cleaning the showers and gaskets. ..

Acaia Lunar Scale

110.000 KD Ex Tax: 110.000 KD

Designed for espresso machine drip trays, the Acaia Lunar™ is aesthetically functional for your wei..

Acaia Pearl Scale Acaia Pearl Scale

Acaia Pearl Scale

75.000 KD Ex Tax: 75.000 KD

The first product in our lineup, the Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and caf..

Bar Spoon

Bar Spoon

2.000 KD Ex Tax: 2.000 KD

Twisted Stainless Steel 300mm with Red Tip..

Barista Towel Barista Towel

Barista Towel

2.000 KD Ex Tax: 2.000 KD

Microfibre cloths play an important role in a barista's day. The Tiny microfibers help you to colle..

BaristaSpace 350ml Pitcher

12.000 KD Ex Tax: 12.000 KD

The Milk Pitcher allows for intuitive control of the flow rate, making it the ideal pitcher for crea..

BaristaSpace 600ml Pitcher

14.000 KD Ex Tax: 14.000 KD

The Milk Pitcher allows for intuitive control of the flow rate, making it the ideal pitcher for crea..

BaristaSpace Coffee Tamper Distribution Tool 2-IN-1 (58mm)

25.000 KD Ex Tax: 25.000 KD

How To Use BaristaSpace Coffee tamper and distributor 2-in-1 D1? Firstly, Use The base of the D..

BaristaSpace Coffee Tamper Tool (58mm)

13.000 KD Ex Tax: 13.000 KD

Tamper made by BaristaSpace. With its unique height adjusting system, you can get an even, repe..

BaristaSpace Golden Dosing Funnel

5.000 KD Ex Tax: 5.000 KD

BaristaSpace dosing tool should help guide messy grinds directly into your portafilter basket, It ca..

BaristaSpace Handleless Milk Pitcher (450ml)

15.000 KD Ex Tax: 15.000 KD

This Handle free design allows for more steaming and pouring flexibility for the barista...

BaristaSpace Needle Tamper (58mm)

16.000 KD Ex Tax: 16.000 KD

BaristaSpace Needle Tamper is perfect for breaking up coffee clumps and evenly spreading out the cof..

BaristaSpace Tamping Station (58mm)

12.000 KD Ex Tax: 12.000 KD

This tamping station provides a firm base while tamping and allows you to make an even tam..

BaristaSpace Unique Spout Kettle (600ml)

18.000 KD Ex Tax: 18.000 KD

Fashionable with a new Original Design. Made with Stainless Steel with a Wood Handle and Lid top so ..

Base With Knock Box

50.000 KD Ex Tax: 50.000 KD

· The base is made from high-quality stainless steel.· It comes with its own built-in drawer, wh..

Big Brush

3.000 KD Ex Tax: 3.000 KD

· angled head makes removing coffee grounds easy· For use in cleaning all make of Espresso Coffe..

Brew Paddle Sets

72.000 KD Ex Tax: 72.000 KD

La Marzocco Brew Paddle by Pantechnicon.  We love hand crafted, high quality objects, and if y..

Calibrated Tamper

Calibrated Tamper

38.000 KD Ex Tax: 38.000 KD

The Perfect Tamp, Every TimeOur company began with a search for perfection and a desire to eliminat..

Clean Aid Cleaning Drop

4.000 KD Ex Tax: 4.000 KD

A lot of great coffee is spoilt by poorly cleaned coffee machines and coffee-servers. Sour and bitte..

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