Espresso Machines


6,060.000 KD Ex Tax: 6,060.000 KD

Standard Red*Straight-In Portafilter*Dual Boilers*Independent Boilers*Dual PID (coffee and steam)*Sa..

LINEA PB Automatic (AV – X )

4,940.000 KD Ex Tax: 4,940.000 KD

5 years after the launch of the Linea PB, which has become a trusted industry workhorse, La Marzoc..

Modbar Espresso System AV

3,029.000 KD Ex Tax: 3,029.000 KD

• linea pb volumetrics and optional scales• multi-position lever with four saved programs• add-a-tap..

Modbar Espresso System MP

3,133.000 KD Ex Tax: 3,133.000 KD

The mod and tap work together to give you complete control over bar design and espresso extraction...

Modbar Pour Over System

2,346.000 KD Ex Tax: 2,346.000 KD

Brew by hand using one of the two included spray tips, or teach the machine up to 25 different reci..

Modbar Steam System

1,880.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,880.000 KD

Recreate a traditional espresso machine with two Steam systems next to your Modbar Espresso, or set..

STRADA 2 Group (AV)

5,775.000 KD Ex Tax: 5,775.000 KD

Over the course of two years La Marzocco worked with thirty of the world’s finest coffee professio..

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