Coffee Equipments

Anfim grinder SP 450

843.000 KD Ex Tax: 843.000 KD

Built for high volume coffee shops, the SP450 on demand exhibits quality, consistency and efficienc..

Anfim Milano Grinder SP II Special Performance

843.000 KD Ex Tax: 843.000 KD

Built for high volume coffee shops, the SP-II SPECIAL PERFORMANCE exhibits quality and efficiency –..

Anfim Milano Practica Grinder - Black

481.000 KD Ex Tax: 481.000 KD

Traditional Italian design, consistent grinding quality - on-demand. Anfim‘s PRATICA combines tr..

Clean Aid Cleaning Drop

4.000 KD Ex Tax: 4.000 KD

A lot of great coffee is spoilt by poorly cleaned coffee machines and coffee-servers. Sour and bitte..

Coffee Carafe and Dripper Set

16.000 KD Ex Tax: 16.000 KD

The Coffee Carafe and Dripper Set is the perfect product to prepare a rich coffee through one of th..

Coffee Pot and Dripper Set (BARAFU)

Coffee Pot and Dripper Set (BARAFU)

32.000 KD Ex Tax: 32.000 KD

The Coffee Pot and Dripper Set is the perfect product to prepare a rich coffee through one of the o..

Cup-One Cup-One


87.000 KD Ex Tax: 87.000 KD

Moccamaster Cup-one is a recent innovation in the series Moccamaster coffee machines of Technivorm. ..

Digital Scale with Timer

Digital Scale with Timer

20.000 KD Ex Tax: 20.000 KD

Edo Barista Digital Scale with Timer is the best product in terms of quality-price and it's easy to..

Drip Tray

79.000 KD Ex Tax: 79.000 KD

Energy Efficient boiler with vacuum insulation. Multi-temp on selected models. Built-in water filtra..

Durgol Universal Cleaner 750mL

Durgol Universal Cleaner 750mL

4.000 KD Ex Tax: 4.000 KD

It is recommended to clean the Moccamaster after 100x brewing (1 pack of filters) to keep the perfec..

EcoSmart UC4

374.000 KD Ex Tax: 374.000 KD

• 4, 10, or 45 litre options• LCD screen for precise temperature control• Portion dispense option ..

Filter Paper No. 1

Filter Paper No. 1

2.000 KD Ex Tax: 2.000 KD


Filter Paper No. 4

Filter Paper No. 4

4.000 KD Ex Tax: 4.000 KD

Filter Paper No. 4..

Grinder E 65 S

675.000 KD Ex Tax: 675.000 KD

• Proven premium grinding profile featuring a great taste experience• Innovative icon menu for intui..

Grinder EK 43 S

Grinder EK 43 S

1,042.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,042.000 KD

• The performance and grinding results of the established EK43 within a smaller space-saving corpus•..

Grinder K 30 Vario Air

890.000 KD Ex Tax: 890.000 KD

• Grind-on-demand: Fresh aromasaving portion grinding directly into the portafilter• Hands-free ope..

Grinder K30 2.0

1,093.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,093.000 KD

• Quick and easy operation via multi touch display with 4.3”• Log file (recording the operational st..

Grinder K30 Twin

1,375.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,375.000 KD

• Saves approximately 30% space compared to two single K30 espresso grinders• Grind-on-demand: Fres..

Grinder K30 Twin 2.0 Hybrid

1,557.000 KD Ex Tax: 1,557.000 KD

• 2-in-1 grinder for the fresh portion grinding of both espresso and filter coffee with 2 different..


6,060.000 KD Ex Tax: 6,060.000 KD

Standard Red*Straight-In Portafilter*Dual Boilers*Independent Boilers*Dual PID (coffee and steam)*Sa..

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